I'm grateful to share more client experiences...

I can’t say enough about my experience with Caryn. The room was soothing and cozy. I could not believe the things that came through to her; things she’d have no way of knowing, situations in my life that I’ve experienced or am currently going through. She wrote down pages and pages- I love reading them over and over as they bring an ease to me. It was all so positive and moving. I would recommend a session with Caryn to anyone and everyone. - Chelsea

Working with Caryn has been one of the best experiences I have had with an intuitive. She shared messages with me that gave me chills; everything was spot on and highly resonated with me. Caryn’s wisdom and knowledge were deep truths. Many of the things that came up during our time have come to fruition.

Caryn is truly spectacular and I am grateful to have her in my life now!  - Courtney

Caryn is blessed with a gift she shares with anyone who is open to the experience. She gave me a copy of the notes she took while visiting with my people in the spirit world - I carry those notes with me - sometimes I just take them out and read them over - the words are so comforting and so real. Their messages brought such contentment to my soul. You will be inspired by Caryn's authenticity and sincerity. The information will come through her - and you will find a peacefulness that is always with you - Sue

One of the messages Caryn gave me was one I had wanted for so long and I didn’t even know it, until I listened to what she had to say.  My world has become lighter, brighter and connected.  The gift that she has is beyond measure- Ilene

I had a wonderful experience during my visit with Caryn!  I have seen many visionaries in my life, most are vague, and very generalized. Not the case with Caryn!  She is spot on, and very validating with her keen knowledge, and perception of me, and my life. Mind blowing. I felt very comfortable, and confident with her insightful suggestions to improve my life, and life situations. I plan on continuing my visits with Caryn, as often as I can. I highly recommend her!!!  Caryn is a doll!- Judie  

Caryn received messages from two of my relatives that have crossed over. At the very least, the reading reaffirmed my belief in the spirit world, and that our loved ones are reachable if we are willing to be open to receive their communication. I'm grateful to share in the discovery and practice of Caryn's gift - Allie

When Caryn shared with me what she received from spirit, it could not have been more accurate. She gave me the guidance and validation I was looking for and I couldn't be more grateful - Ashley

Caryn and I instantly connected. She knew things about me that I have never discussed with anyone. I was immediately brought to tears. She knew a lot of characteristics about me without sharing any information with her. I realize I have someone I can talk to without feeling judged. She helped me learn how to deal with certain situations. She is a truly beautiful amazing woman! - Leda

The insight Caryn had into my life was truly amazing.  I was able to share a specific message of hers with a close friend who was greatly comforted, and for this I can't thank her enough.  There is no doubt in our minds that what she received was meant for the benefit of my friend.  I greatly enjoyed our time together, and am looking forward to the unfolding of some of the other information she gave me.- Joe

Caryn really has a gift - she is kind, open; speaking and listening to you with objectivity and compassion. She creates a beautiful and safe space for this experience. I would encourage anyone who is interested to meet Caryn and see how this experience can really help lift a weight off of your soul - Celina

I recently had a reading with Caryn and it was incredible! Hearing from some grandparents who have passed away as well as forwarding a message on to my mom from her mother was an indescribable feeling. I can’t recommend Caryn enough! Besides the fact she was spot on about everything, Caryn herself has such a warm and loving personality. Go see her and it will change your life! - Amber

"I'm not someone who had any previous experience with readings, so I came in with an open mind not knowing what to expect. I was completely blown away at Caryn's approach and ability to draw on feelings I hadn't even shared with family" - Corey

Everything she said was spot on. Not everyone in this field approaches it with such humility. I can't wait for my next session! - Danielle